{Friend Party} Simple Dinner

Monday, December 30, 2013
One thing I love about the holidays is the return of all my out-of-state friends! Many of my besties live in other states and aside from google hangout we really only get together on the holidays. This past Friday, I hosted a simple dinner party (the first in our new house) to welcome back my favorite friends. This is what you get when you combine new recipes, easy accents, good wine, and great friends...

table setup

spinach and red onion chicken sausage + white cheddar  = fancy pigs

goat cheese and asparagus pasta + parmesan 
food + wine = "Let's Do Life"
the "hubby" picked up flowers for the evening

roses in mason jars made an easy table accent

the aftermath of a good meal

Mika our special guest {she had a blast}



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