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Tuesday, November 26, 2013
This month our affordable event feature is channeling the spirit of Thanksgiving! For those of us that have turned our friends into family, Thanksgiving can be a fun time especially if you don't have travel plans. Surround yourself  with people that bring you sanity during holiday times of chaos;  gather your friends, favorite foods, and commiserate together -- we celebrate you Friendsgiving!


Looking to try out new recipes before Thanksgiving; wanting to relax before the family crazies arrive; or do you just want to emotionally eat without judgments. If you answered yes to any of those questions, Friendsgiving is for you! We have already attended 2 Friendsgiving celebrations and here are my recommendations for hosting your own event.

Friendsgiving Affordable Events Nov Feature

Venue:  your house 
Date: Anytime in November before Thanksgiving 
Total Cost: $35 - $50 (depending on your food selection)

Meat (Turkey + Fish) 
Friends with food 

 General Rules of Thumb:

  • Go potluck that way everyone can bring one dish minimizing stress and clean-up
  • Schedule within the 2 weeks prior to thanksgiving
  • Keep your guest list small
  • Keep it casual
  • If you are a family friendly village – invite a babysitter to attend and watch the kids in a separate area (sitters will work for food + cash)
Note: Some people cater from their favorite restaurants, others have guests pay a contribution that is used to purchase food, then there are those that keep it traditional preparing all the food themselves.
Honestly, celebrating Thanksgiving with friends can be anything you want.  Make it a day of service and gather your friends for volunteer work. Or make it a planning session for goals and New Year events planning (friends’ vacation decision making).  Whatever you decide, Friendsgiving is a great holiday tradition that I’m officially thankful for having in my life!

Cookies -Cordier Events Friendsgiving Affordable Events
 Friendsgiving favorite:  cookies -yum yum!

sunday dinner table

Friendsgiving favorite: Casual Sunday set-up

bowl of homeade ice cream featured by cordier events
Friendsgiving favorite:  Grandma's  homemade ice cream for guests
sleeping baby Cordier

Friendsgiving favorite: Baby Party Break

 *I had an increasing number of questions for planning ideas and events for the budget savvy. I thought why not start a reoccurring feature of budget and bargain friendly parties, soirees, and more.  Our Affordable Events series is design on a dime the Cordier Events way!  We welcome comments, feedback, and your personal ideas or party creations.


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