Office Bridal Shower {Must-Haves}

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
I have been planning several bridal showers over the last few weeks and decided to outline my must-haves for a particular venue I find difficult to work in —The Office (pun intended)!

Work settings are convenient when you have a large group of people that you want to celebrate your special day with but not necessarily in public (just kidding, I ♥ my coworkers). The reality is office settings are a common social event venue and here are my must-haves when planning an office bridal shower.

1) Simple decorations –most offices won’t let you hang or affix items to the wall. Think easy non-damaging decorations (i.e. balloons, streamer banners, and simple accents).
2) Location – easy access locations like conferences room or break rooms work best.
3) Technology Flare – computers and AV are your friend in office settings. Put together a scrolling slide show, stream music, improvise lighting, and so much more. Have fun with technology and use it to your advantage!
4) Refreshments – the harsh reality is you may have a lot of people and feeding them all isn’t ideal, so focus on light snacks and refreshments. First come, first serve.
5) Cake – this goes without saying, there should always be cake!!
6) Evite/Calendar Appointment – save a tree and put this event on peoples calendar directly! Add your evite to a calendar appointment request then hit send!
7) Reasonable Length – remember this is in the office and you wouldn’t want to keep people from work longer than 1 hour.
8) Proper etiquette - Etiquette suggest that an office shower is the only type of pre-wedding party that not all the guests have to be invited to the wedding. Keeping that in mind, for the purpose of minimizing water-cooler snickering it is best to invite everyone (in the immediate office) aside from the guests the bride-to-be specifies.
9) Gift- offer people the opportunity to contribute to a larger gift or gift card. Take up money and buy something off the couple’s registry!
10) Helping Hands (optional) – don’t do it alone! Ask folks to help! That could mean bringing something, assigning specific menu items, picking up the gift, setting-up, or whatever is needed. There is no “I” in “Work Team”! 

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