September {Affordable Events}

Monday, September 30, 2013
It is time for this month’s Affordable Events feature; think design on a dime the Cordier Events way!  My plan is to showcase an event or activity per month with prices, menus, vendors, and tips. The September feature is below…

Beer Tasting

Fall is here which means football and pie but fall also means beer and if you are like me and have a random assortment of beers left over from football parties this is the idea for you! I decided to host a beer tasting. You can invite people to bring their own or use what you have on hand.  I also took a trip to one of my favorite beer markets, yes there are beer markets!  I happen to love The Stout Brothers (and if you live near Smyrna, GA you should too).

Venue: Your Home (we were in Atlanta, GA)

Date: Saturday or Sunday (any game day will do)
Menu: Beer, French fries, and party mix
Supplies: from around the house
Total Cost: $35.00

I used treat bags and baking cups so people could have individual servings, picked out some new beers at the beer market, invited a few friends and went to town! No keg stands just adult beer drinking!!!
Assorted glasses
assorted glasses we had in the cabinet 
framed sign for beer tasting
simple instructions

beer tasting table
Layout your beer and food
Garlic and sea salt french fries
Fries + Beer = Happiness

french fries in red treat bags
Chevron Treat Bags

party mix
homemade party mix 

popcorn in baking cups
popcorn is an easy food option

popcorn in white star bowl
Container Store had these Zig Zag Pots ($1.99)
baking cups make great individual serving bowls

6 baking cups

I label everything (call me OCD)
pouring beer into glass
Pour it up

growler and bottles
Growlers are your friend! 
blank beer bottles
hide original bottle labels 

variety of empty beer glasses

I printed score cards for guest to rank their beers

toasting with beer

  • Serving platters – we already had
  • Beer glasses we collect them so this was a fun way to dust off glasses in my cabinet
  • Snack bags- $4.99 (25 pack from Container Store )
  • Large Baking Cups – $6.99 ( 25 pack from Container Store)
  • Zig Zag Pots - $1.99
  • I printed score cards on cardstock

Food Expenses
  • Beer – We spent $7.99 on 3 beers for the tasting local liquor store lets us mix and match a 6 pack (we had growlers left over from a previous event)
  • Fries- Alexia Fries (2 for $6 from Kroger)
  • Party Mix - $4.75 on ingredients
  • Popcorn - $1.00 (store brand)

I welcome comments, feedback, and your personal ideas or party creations.


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