Remembering 9/11

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today is a somber day for many as we remember the tragic events that occurred 12 years ago. Like many, I remember exactly where I was the moment the twin towers were attacked; in my college dorm room running late for my stats class, when my grandmother called me to ask if I had seen the news…

I watched the second plane crash in complete shock. Glued to my TV for days (and weeks) following, I started to really recognize the fragile and complex nature of humanity and democracy.  The value of human life became my ultimate focus and I mourned for those lost. Nothing (no words, or sentiments, or gestures) can ease the sorrow of the families that lost loved ones or for those of us left behind. 
However, on the anniversaries of moments in history like Sept 11th I like to remember the other side of tragedy: 
  • Emergence of Heroes; thank you all Fire fighters, police, first responders, and helping hands.
  • Unity of Community; banding together to heal, hug, and honor the things we all hold dear.
  • Involvement and Activism, from people young and old inspired to enact political or social change.
  • Commitment to Public Service from military and government employees everywhere (like myself), we are here to serve our country and doing our part to save and protect.
  •  Celebration of Life via monument, tribute, statement of faith (whatever you believe), or everyday honoring of a loved one’s memory we should continue to uplift each other!
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