Photo Challenge {Weekly Dozen Continues}

Monday, September 16, 2013
The photo challenge lasted a solid 4 weeks (which is what I committed to) but I have still been inspired to play with my camera and photoshop filters.  I said all that to announce that the Weekly Dozen will continue -- although it may become more of a monthly dozen. 

Week 5 (technically week 9 but whose counting) = Homemade Light Box Fun

This weeks photos are a result of my newly DIY light box! Which translates to pictures of objects I had sitting around the house or gifts for recent birthday parties I attended.  PS: Happy Birthday Kim ;) 

homemade gift tag

one of my new favorite gift wines

fun with filters and props

candles all a flame

special cards on reserve for my special guy

dior and pearls

miss dior if you prefer

playing with the lights

more perfume and pearls

even more perfume and pearls

a statue from Greece

filter and light adjustments (Greek statue)


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