Bridesmaid Dress Shopping - Deux

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
I recently shared some of my Bridesmaid Dress Shopping {Must Haves} and then I went to my bridesmaid dress fitting for an upcoming  November wedding. I wanted to share some more of my thoughts on the bridesmaid dress buying process...
  • Alterations staff does not work Mon –Sun/9-5 - In store alterations department hours aren’t as cookie cutter (or convenient) as the working woman in me would have expected.  They tend to have limited hours and booked up weekends.
  • Bring the shoes and undergarments (specifically bra) you plan to wear - You want to make sure the length and fit of your dress are correct so bring the shoes and bra you are going to use to your dress fittings!
  • Make sure they have the right dress – this goes without saying but make sure your order is correct and don’t wait until the last minute to have your fitting.
  • Prepare to be on display- sure you can dress in private but there is a strong probability you will be pinned in a room full of mirrors and other people. Ask for privacy if those types of things make you uncomfortable.  You have been warned.
  • Record your measurements - if you are like me and are in multiple weddings in one season having your measurements is a just the way to go to ease your process. You don’t have to like them (ice cream makes it better and worse) but having them is very helpful.
  • Quick and Easy is possible– don’t block of an entire day you won’t need it. Your alterations and fitting appointments (for Bridesmaid dresses) don’t take long. Avoid bringing all your friends because the dressing room only has one chair and extra opinions drag out your appointment. I was in and out in 30 minutes. 
pinned clover halter dress | Cordier Events
my dress (clover is the color)

bridesmaid dress tag
correct dress, color, and purchaser ♥

Dress and shoes at a fitting
make sure to bring your shoes


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