Photo Challenge Wk4 {The Weekly Dozen}

Monday, August 12, 2013
Aside from my nikon, I also have a new camera phone courtesy of my Samsung Galaxy S4.  I decided to practice with that camera for this week's photo challenge

30th Birthday = Week 4
I celebrated my birthday on August 8th and this weekend was full of activities for my 30 for 30 celebration. From game night to pool parties I was a busy bee this weekend! Being 30 is pretty great! Baby A also celebrated 3 months of life this week...

Baby A | Cordier Events

thank you card
started the weekend with a special thank you

Birthday Dessert

Sums up Friday

one of my favorite cards

Birthday cupcakes

sums up the entire month of August

Game night

Best game ever...
cupcakes and cocktails
Another really cute card (and champagne)


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