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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I have had an increasing number of questions for planning ideas and events for the budget savvy. I thought why not start a reoccurring feature of budget and bargain friendly parties, soirees, and more. I introduce to you our Affordable Events series; think design on a dime the Cordier Events way!  My plan is to showcase an event or activity per month with prices, menus, vendors, and tips. Our August feature is below…

Concert Picnic Party

Summer is a great time to use festivals, parks, and outdoor spaces for your party purposes. As part of my Cheers to 30 Years (30 for 30) birthday celebration we attended an outdoor concert, bring your own picnic style. So instead of it being a date night we turned it into a small party with a few friends.
Venue: Wolf Creek Amphitheater (Atlanta, GA)
Date: Aug 3 (Saturday)
Concert: Old School Concert Series (tickets were $25 and each person bought their own)
Menu: pesto chicken sandwich, roasted pepper and feta sandwich, potato salad (no mayo), chips, dips, assorted cheeses & rice krispie treats
Total Cost: $56.00 (includes tickets)

box lunch | Cordier Event Planning
picnic dinner 
healthy snacks

Cheese for crackers
picnic food containers
homemade chicken pesto
chicken pesto sandwich
pita chips
outdoor blanket in grass | Cordier Event Planning
blanket in the grass
KCi and JoJo performed
Dru Hill performed

I planned food for 4 (meat eaters and one pseudo-vegan) and packed our picnic basket with snacks, dinner, and drinks.  All of our guests and about 5200 other people decided to bring their own baskets, but you can easily adjust based on your number of guests.


  • Containers – free (I just asked a local restaurant for a few extra to-go boxes)
  • Blanket and pillows – we already had
  • Silverware, plates, and jars – we already had
  • Parchment paper - we already had
  • Cooler - we already had

Food Expenses 

  • Izze $2.99 for a case of 4
  • Lucky Dog Wine $4.00
  • Water $1.25
  • Rice krispies + Marshmallows $3.00
  • Pesto + Chicken $5.78
  • Potato salad $3.00
  • Pita Chips $1.50
  • Avocado (for guacamole) $3.00
  • Cheese (smoked Gouda and cheddar) $7.08

*Share your comments, feedback, and personal affordable event ideas or party creations.


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