Cheers to 30 Years {30 for 30}

Friday, July 26, 2013
I had an epiphany this week while trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my upcoming 30th birthday on August 8th.  I have a pretty diverse group of friends and milestone birthdays of this nature scream mass gathering. But since we are wedding planning, house buying, and life living funds weren't available to support a big shindig.  I also have a ton of friends all celebrating 30 this year and I'm officially over the fancy dinner party right now.  I put on my thinking cap, got a bit reflective and sentimental, then realized I wanted to celebrate 30 years of life with the people that have helped shape me...thus the 30 for 30 idea (not the ESPN special) was born. 

 30 for 30: Thirty days with thirty people

Problem: No budget; Too many friends not enough time; No time to plan; Busy schedules; and the desire for too many activities (indecisiveness).

Solution: Spend time and celebrate with 30 people or have 30 moments that embody you, your birthday, and relationships. Celebrate with multiple people over a extended time period using your birthday theme.

Plan: I sent an open letter to 30 of my favorite friends and family (I love you guys) explaining my intent. I invited them to contact me directly or plan activities on their own (or with my help); picking time and dates that worked for them. I cleared my schedule the entire month of August and let them know it was first come first serve! The goal for me is to have quality time with people that have made a difference in my life. From college to present day, I want to spend this special birthday truly celebrating the people and moments that got me where I am today! 

Here are  just some of activities I have on my calendar so far:  

  • Google Hangout (wine + 3 friends + ipad = Sip & See) 
  • Beach weekend to visit my bestie (1 friend)
  • Old School Outdoor Concert (4 friends)
  • 2 Baseball games - Go Braves! (1 friend and a handful of work folks)
  • Dinner and a movie night (1 friend)
  • Old school "drinking" game night (8-10 college friends)
  • Birthday Lunch (3 work folks)
  • Wine Tasting (2 friends)
Don't worry, I plan to blog about all my celebratory activities because sharing is caring!!!

30 for 30 Birthday evite | Cordier Event Planning
Custom Evite designed at Punch Bowl

birthday letter with typewriter | Cordier Event Planning
Letter of explanation to my friends & family


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