Party-In-A-Box {30th Birthday}

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
A friend asked for 30th birthday gift ideas for her bestie in another state.  She wasn’t able to make the planned party but wanted to send something special and personal.  I put on my thinking cap and suggested she send a birthday party-in-a-box! We rolled with the idea and it came out GREAT!
Idea: Birthday Party-In-A-Box
Motto: "Everything you need for your birthday party but me"  (Wish I could be there)

Components: It was a pink+gold glitter theme so we included items/gifts that fit the birthday girl. The box was categorized into 4 sections each with very special things just for her!
  • Decorate – decorations including a custom banner, confetti with her name on it, balloons in her favorite colors, framed quotes and more.
  • Beautify – this was for the birthday girl to pamper herself and included perfume, bedazzled make-up brushes, accessories, and birthday paraphernalia (sash, button, glasses, and party hat).
  • Reminisce – this was the tribute to everything 1983 and it included a DVD commemorating 1983 and other 80s trinkets and photos of the two friends in their younger days.
  • Celebrate – it wouldn’t be a party without her favorite desserts (cookies/cupcakes), champagne, glittered glasses, good fortune (homemade paper fortune cookies with birthday wishes), and gift cards for dinner.  
I added instructions, requesting the birthday girl take a picture (a selfie) enjoying her birthday treats and send it to her friend, then packaged everything in a fun box from the Container Store.  

Signed, sealed, and delivered…Happy 30th Birthday! I hope you enjoy it.

birthday party box | Cordier Event Planning

perfume, polish, makeup brushes Party-In-A-Box |Cordier Event Planning

birthday button
Birthday button  from Party City

pennant banner 30th Birthday | Cordier Event Planning
Decorate with handmade pennant banner

handmade paper fortune cookies | Cordier Event Planning
Fortune Cookies with birthday wishes

framed quotes |Cordier Event Planning
Framed quotes for added decor

party hat and horn
Party hat & horn from Party City

Sweet treats to celebrate (cupcake and mini champagne)
party-in-a-box instructions | Cordier Event Planning
Instructions for this Party-In-A-Box

party in a box contents | Cordier Event PLanning
Party-In-A-Box Swag (1983 DVD, glasses, mini champagne, confetti, etc)
30th Birthday Party-In-A-Box!!!

packing party-in-a-box
Packing (be sure to wrap glass in bubble wrap for shipping)

Add instructions
Party-In-A-Box finished and ready to ship

This box was for a 30th birthday but you can do this for anybody, any age!

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  1. This was such a great idea! I'm definitely going to use this for quite a few people. I have so many friends and families in other states.


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