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Sunday, June 16, 2013
Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s celebrating today.  It would not be a true father’s day if I didn’t say thank you to the man that has truly influenced my life beyond measure.  Dad I know you don’t like it when I'm sentimental but I'm allotted one national holiday out of the year to sing your praises to the world. Unfortunately for you I have 2 blogs, so I can tell people how great you are twice! Dad this is for you...every time I tried to write this post I started to cry, I know how you feel about that so this poem is what you get. Love you! 

Dad by LeShaundra Cordier

A dad is more than a title.
He is a hero that serves his family like he served his country.
He is a soldier in the trenches.
He is a provider.
He is a protector that shields you from harm. 
He is an unyielding force that pushes you towards greatness.
He is the foundation under every house of cards you build.
He is the applause with every good decision.
He is a lighthouse when you need direction.
He is a shoulder when you need to cry.
He is a mechanic, technician, and mover.
He is the wisdom of the ages spewing knowledge of a better time.
He is the laughter you hear after a good joke.
He is a primary adviser of your small council.
He is the little voice in your head.
He is the original superhero.
He is the light at the end of the tunnel.
He is the blueprint for your expectations.
He is a believer in faith and you.
He is a story teller sharing memories in life lessons.
He is a son, a husband, and brother. 
He is a man of God.
He is a name and presence you carry forever. 
He is unconditional love.
My dad is more than a title.
Cordier Event Planning Father's Day
Cedrick Cordier -My Dad


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