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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Recently worked on a save-the-date for a November wedding and found that my couple had a guest list conundrum. The number of guests was continuously growing and they realized that many of their church members were now expressing interest in attending their wedding. With no intention of inviting all, there became a need to still inform people in order to keep the peace in their small congregation. So with a bit of technology and some minor adjustments they converted their save-the-date from a teaser notice to a special information request and pre-RSVP opportunity for a select group of individuals.

Problem: Reduce guest list, while not offending church members (also need addresses and RSVPs prior to sending invitations)

Solution: Design a save-the-date just for church congregation with minimal information and an opportunity to get a head count in advance to determine who needs to receive formal invites.

The Plan: This tech savvy bride and groom set up a wedding website with generic information and romantic story elements. I designed a simple save-the-date for them in their colors to send out to this specific group with limited details (date only). They set-up an RSVP tracking mechanism and sent the announcement electronically to church members directly using Pingg and Wedding Wire. Recipients were directed to provide mailing addresses if they were planning to attend and were allowed to RSVP in advance (but with a rather quick turnaround time - 8 days). Only those that reply will receive an actual invitation or additional information. All other guest and designated family will receive a traditional save-the-date and invitation as planned.

The couple was able to notify church members but with the awareness that space is limited and further wedding details are dependent upon them providing necessary information and RSVPing in advance. They found that many people really just wanted to know what was going on, but not necessarily attend (nosey but non-committed). They were anticipating potentially having 50 additional church members at their ceremony and through this process reduced that number to 10 additional people.

Alternative options that were in consideration depending on response rate were to (1)invite people to the ceremony but have the reception for close friends and family only and/or (2) work with church members to plan a pre-wedding event in the church just for members to celebrate and share in the love without being invited to the actual wedding events.

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