Long Engagement {Married Eventually}

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Yes I got engaged at Christmas (2012) and no we haven’t set a date yet. I recently found myself constantly having to explain why I haven’t set a wedding date.  I decided I needed to set the record straight because I'm sure plenty of other brides go through this.

Yes I know I’m turning 30 (which is considered an older bride in the south). Yes we have discussed marriage plenty of times before the engagement.  Yes I am excited to get married.  No I don’t have to get a move on (the average engagement last 13-18 months).
Good things come to those who wait! – My Engagement Motto  

There are many factors contributing to the length of my engagement, including:
  • Finances – we are paying for our wedding ourselves (that means no parental help, no secondary funding, and no make money tree in the back yard).  Concurrently saving for a wedding and trying to buy a house equates to a long engagement.
  • Overscheduled – we are both embarking on new work and life adventures that have our dance card pretty full.  It is hard to plan a wedding without time; it is also hard to plan your own wedding when you are planning other people’s weddings.
  • No rush – we aren’t in a hurry mainly because we have no reason to be. Not being married isn’t stopping us from living our lives on our terms the way we want. Besides I’m enjoying being engaged, it is very fun and my ring is sparkly.  Honestly we [I mean me] don’t want to ruin that feeling being stressed out or trying to meet deadlines. Peer and family pressure is real and I will not let it impact my [our] wedding decisions.
  • Our way – sometimes to have the wedding you want you have to wait. Especially for high demand venues or vendors.  Being wait- listed for your venue of choice means you may have to delay your timeline to get what you want. A girl wants what a girl wants!

So to my dear friends and family, I love you and once we set a date we will share it with you all! I promise it’s coming [eventually], just be patient.  Remember my motto ☺


Whatever your reasons do what works for you, be engaged as long as you like!  For the wives and future wives out there, how long were you engaged and why?

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