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Monday, May 20, 2013
The past few days my family has been spinning as we have been dealing with a life game changer. As we move forward with decision making and overcome the challenges of what is coming, I have been reminded of the importance of family and the support it brings.

As I look forward to my wedding and the life that awaits me when I start my own family, I forgot what it means to really come together in a time of catastrophe. All the blessings going on in my life caused a temporary loss of sight for what it means to be a part of something bigger than myself; a whole bigger than the sum of its parts.
Family is a just that, a group of people bound by blood and heart working together for a common goal. A team of people likely to have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for fate and DNA sharing, but working toward building a legacy just the same. We may have injured players or weak links but together we are strong. Together we provide support, strength, and love to each other.
I have a family of survivors and we will continue to do just that, no matter what the challenge. We are fortunate to have each other, even if we don’t always appreciate or understand that fact. Cordiers, Moores, Fells, Wards, Williams and so many more have come together by birthright or marriage, or good ole fashion faith and we have created a network of believers, supporters, helpers, and providers. We created a FAMILY. And as we move forward we will need to rely on that community. We will need to keep building and expanding so that what remains is a heritage, an inheritance of love and laughter that will live until the end of time (generation to generation).

We all go through hardships, we all share blessings, we all strive for something to be proud of but sometimes we forget that we are born with that; a last name that means something, relationships that withstand fire and ice, a community of people that want nothing more than our happiness and success.  

So I am more than myself, more than the sum of my immediate parts, I’m a part of something much bigger than myself, a family! A family that I continue to be proud of, one that I continue to support; a legacy for which I hope to contribute my best self.

We may not always like each other, or comprehend, or agree but we will always have each other and love each other and that counts for something that I can’t honestly put into words.

Cordier Clan in New Orleans

Grandma Moore and I - CEP

Fells and Moores through generations


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