Dear Mom {Mother's Day}

Sunday, May 12, 2013
Mom you did more than grant me life, you have ushered me through this world for the last 30 years! A woman great in your own right; your life changed by the birth of two children. I'm amazed at how effortlessly you have raised two girls, took care of a husband and household, all while maintaining work and going back to college to pursue a degree in industrial engineering.  I know it wasn’t always easy but you led by example and for that I am grateful.

My dear mother, you have managed to be a confidant, doctor, disciplinarian, cheerleader, educator, cleaning specialist, cook, chauffeur, advisor, economist, stylist, and friend. You have loved selflessly and been a shining example for me and my sister.  THANK YOU!

I'm blessed to have you in my life and honored to call you mom.  When I was 5 you taught me that I could be what I wanted as long as I remembered to be kind hearted. When I was 15 you taught me that knowledge was limitless and a requirement of success. When I was 20 you taught me the importance of strength and the value of hard work. At 25 you helped me remember the importance of family and support in times of need. Now at 30 you are still teaching me, this time about love, relationships, and marriage.

I look forward to future lessons in motherhood, charity, and faith. You continue to be a resource of compassion, spirituality, and love. You have touched the lives of so many people through your work, church, and daily devotion to God. We are all blessed and I would argue, better for just knowing you. Keep up the good work mom; you are a hero and my shining star! 

 Your biggest fan and daughter always - LC

Karen Cordier cooking her famous Mac and Cheese!


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