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Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Cordier Event Planning is a family affair and today we have a guest blogger that I happen to love (not just because we are blood related)!  

New Orleans Style Umbrellas by Antrelle Banks

antrelle banks photoBorn and raised in New Orleans, I find that umbrellas are not just for protection against bad weather, they are works of art!

Second line umbrellas are more than a Mardi Gras idea; they can really be used for all occasions and make a great accent piece for any event.  I’ve made umbrellas for weddings, birthdays, and even graduation parties.  

Crafting umbrellas can be so relaxing and gives this southern mommy a much needed break from the daily chaos of life.  

If you are planning to make your own New Orleans style umbrella here are a few tips to remember:
  1. Be careful with hot glue - hot glue is a great adhesive to use to attach feathers, ornaments, or jewels but remember it is HOT!
  2. Explore your creativity – umbrellas can be used for any event you want to style. Make it your own! Pick accents, add-ons, and materials that reflect your personality.  Have some fun with your designs and really do your thing.
  3. There is no such thing as too much bling – more is better when it comes to bling! Bedazzle away.  I love sparkle and so should you! 

Birthday Party (My big 40)

Wedding Umbrellas (bride and groom)

Football Season
Don’t want to do-it-yourself?  No problem! Email your order and event details and we can customize them for you!  Umbrella pricing starts at $50 and fees include domestic shipping and handling. Quotes based on order size and materials. 


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