Wine & Craft Night - BabyQ Prep

Saturday, April 20, 2013
I’m working on an upcoming baby shower with a Baby Q (barbeque) theme.  I have been planning this event for weeks and coordinating with a few of the expecting couple’s friends.  The ladies  (+Sharon Outler and +Tia Hawk )  wanted to help with some of the prep work for the shower so we decided a Wine and Craft night was a must to get it all done!

When hosting a craft night there are some key things you must have:
  • Energizing snacks – since we planned to drink most of our calories, I went with an easy Tex-Mex inspired menu.  Tacos, chili cheese dip, guacamole and salsa!
  • Wine- You can’t have a wine night without wine! I bought a couple of bottles of red and white for the event just to cover my bases.
  • Ambient noise – we needed something in the background to appease any attention deficits. In lieu of music we went with television (CNN current events). We decided to watch coverage of the Boston marathon manhunt (so sad).
  • Task list – I prepared as much as possible to make it easier for those that weren’t craft savvy. We all went over the to-do list and necessary supplies.
Wine for wine and craft night partyTexMex inspired snacks (Wine and Craft night)

task list (wine and craft night)supplies for wine and craft night

Our focus was decorations; our goals were to create all the hanging pomanders, centerpiece elements, photo backdrop, and favors. Our motivator was wine and the outcome was productive and some much needed fun for all!

white crepe paper hanging pom in progress

white crepe paper hanging pom (diy craft)

cutting burlap (diy craft)

mason jar baby shower table accent (DIY)

spice rub baby shower favors

large tissue paper pomander (pink)

finished poms (DIY shower decor)

photo backdrop (pink and green - DIY)

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  1. We had such a blast working on crafts! Great Ladies + Wine = Good Times! Thanks to Sharon and Tia for all your help!!!!


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