Simple Bag Toppers {DIY}

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Recently made spice rub favors for a barbeque themed baby shower. Here is how I made bag toppers for guest party favors in 6 easy steps. 

scissors, tape, and cardstock
Card stock
Craft tape
Cello bags
Double-sided tape

  1. Size – we were using smaller bags so I measured them and added ½ inch to the width and length and created cells of that size with no a faint border (cut grid lines) in a word document. I also measured inward ½ inch and created text cells with a label and image.
    screenshot of word blank table
    Screen shot of labels.doc 

  2. Print – I printed monogram stickers for the bags on Color Ink Jet Labels (Avery 8293); then printed text and border pages from the pre-sized table cells on card stock.

    cello bag with monogram stickerspink card stock for bag toppers

  3. Cut – using serrated scissors, I cut the bag topper background top and bottom (in solid pink); using regular scissors I cut the text labels (white).

    bag toppers step 3 serrated scissors

  4. Glue (adhesive)- once cut I folded the background in half then used crafters tape to paste the text cell to the background.


  5. Bag- I filled each bag with 1 tablespoon of BBQ spice rub then sealed with double sided tape (folding over the edge).

  6. Complete – once sealed I added a finish bag topper then stapled it at the bottom of the folded seal.

Simple, easy and BBQ appropriate! 

*You can use premade address labels, various colors, larger bags, scrapbook stickers and so much more for easy favor flair. 


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