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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reality TV has tackled bridal dress shopping, wedding planning, relationship exploits, psychotherapy, housewives, and so much more. Now Bravo (we love you Andy Cohen) is planning to reveal the ups and downs of wedded bliss, year one! 

I just saw a preview for the new show Newlyweds: First Year.  Following couples from the “I dos” to their one-year anniversary. So for all those brides-to-be out there wondering what married life is like, Bravo is determined to capture it all on camera. 

The show intends to tell the story of 4 diverse couples experiencing the trials and tribulations of their first year of marriage. Covering the most common relationship issues -- money, communication, family planning, and sex!

The tagline: Fifty Percent of Marriage End in Divorce, Which of these couples will beat the odds.

In true dramatic fashion. Bravo is bringing us another series full of relationship ticking time bombs!  I’m kinda sad the sanctity of marriage is on the chopping block this television season but we knew it was coming. Reality TV is running out of things to film so all that remains of privacy is slowly slipping away.  I was raised on the saying “ house business stays in the house” meaning somethings, specifically what goes on in your marriage is meant to be private.  

Building a strong relationship with your spouse or partner is important but can be overly complicated when outsiders become involved.  Seeking advice is one thing but telling all your relationship dirty secrets with someone other than your spouse can be dangerous. I think we are about to see first hand what happens when you make your private life public to the world and how that can impact a relationship.

I’m certainly going to watch a few episodes, completely conscious of the fact that real people do go through problems their first (and remaining) years of marriage but most aren’t being followed by cameras or posturing to become celebrities. 

So Bravo, I look forward to adding this to my guilty pleasure rotation, I’m sure it will deliver plenty of juicy blog commentary and cliché moments!

Check out the Show Sneak Peek!


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