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Tuesday, April 2, 2013
My grandmother schooled me on my family wedding traditions this weekend and I wanted to share!  I’m recently engaged and apparently this means there is a hope chest coming my way!  I had never heard of this but it sounded like a present so I was intrigued and excited.  Upon further explanation, I found it was much more than just a gift and I am 100% sure I’m going to keep this tradition going with my own friends and family.
A hope chest is a wedding present, in lieu of (or including) a dowry! In my family, it is traditionally given to the bride-to-be by married and unmarried female family members.  It is literally a chest (usually wooden) full of collected items such as clothing, hand-made trinkets, quilts, towels, dishes, household linens, etc. for the bride to take and use in her new home with her new husband. Mine will be full of items given to my grandmother (by her family) and anything she thinks I would like from QVC.
I immediately thought best present ever! Next I thought how amazing it would be to get handed down, specifically purchased, or even handmade wedding gifts from my family (all in one custom chest). Then I thought, what a great bridal shower gift for a wedding (hint: my bridesmaids could pull together a more modern version of this).  Either way, I love this concept!
I did some research after my grandmother and I talked because I just wanted to know more. Thank you Wikipedia for being at my finger tips and informing me the history of the hope chest dates back to the Italian Renaissance and that Kurt Hummel on Glee has one, that pop culture reference really made my day!  
I look forward to my hope chest, Thank you Grandma Cordier in advance for the gift that keeps on giving; I plan to pass it on to my kids one day!  

Photo Credit: Painted Cottage Shabby Tea-Stain Romantic Hope Chest via Etsy


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