Baby Shower Alternative {Sip&See}

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A recent conversation with a friend who is expecting (her first child) brought up an interesting question about baby shower etiquette.

What do you if you are so excited you want to host your own shower?

Her statement: “I know I can’t host my own shower but I really want to!"

My response was “No you definitely can’t host your own shower and why do you want to host your own shower?” Then I rambled a bit about the point of a baby shower being for friends and family to celebrate your joy and shower you with gifts; so the parents-to-be can’t throw their own party because that would be like asking for gifts which is frowned upon in the world of etiquette and common courtesy.

Our conversation continued and as I started to grasp her reasoning I realized 
  • She was just so excited she wanted to do something herself,
  • She had theme ideas her more traditional friends & family might veto while planning her, baby shower (she is really into Corpse Bride, Halloween and Monsters),
  • She just likes to plan parties, and
  • Not everyone would be available to make a long distance shower.
I offered an alternative to the traditional baby shower that would allow her to host her own party centered on the milestone of having her first child; a post birth baby welcome (aka Sip and See, Baby Debut, or Meet-and-Greet shower).  I personal think it’s a great way to celebrate your baby, to have controlled visitation post birth, and even say thank you for the gifts and shower love you have recently received. This is also great alternative for the mom on baby #2, #3, or #4 that doesn’t want a shower or for couples that have adopted and still want to celebrate their joy!

She loved the suggestion and is going to town planning a mini-coming out party to introduce her little one to the world! I decided this called for a “Sip and See Must” Have list!

Remember: Keep it simple and ask for help (You just had a baby)!

1. Great Invitations {Birth Announcement at Pingg}
2. Personalized Accents {Baby Shower Straw Flags via Celebrate in Style}
3. Cake Pops! {Footprint Cake Pops via My Cake Pops}
4. Delicious Snacks {Spinach Hummus Pinwheel Wraps recipe from Whole Foods Market}
5. Simple Decor {ZIG ZAG ACCORDION STREAMERS via Oh Happy Day}
6. Chronicle of Events & Guests {Smash Baby Folio from K&Company}
7. Photo Baby Ops {The PropMarket Photo Booth Sign via Etsy}
8. Fun Fashion for Baby {The Spunky Stork Trouble onesie $27}
9. Custom Thank Yous instead of favors {June Lily Free Printable Thank You Notes}


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