Nerdy-30- Birthday

Friday, January 25, 2013
I recently helped with another 30th birthday party! This time it was a Nerdy 30 celebration!  The event was held at a local hotel room. There were 6 (60 inch) round tables that needed centerpieces.  Sticking with the theme, I used Nerds candy as inspiration.  Using tissue paper pomanders, I made Nerd Blossoms for a budget friendly decoration.  Add in a few other fun accents and you officially have a party!

Nerd Blossom Materials
Acrylic paint
Floral wire
Nerds and other candy
paper shreds
Styrofoam balls (3inch)
Terra cotta flower pots
Tissue paper

How to Make Nerd Blossoms

  Primary materials (supplies)

Cut your tissue paper into 5 x 5 inch squares (there is no need to be exact).

 Paint flower pots and wooden dowels using the acrylic paint then allow them to dry before adding foam and accents

Stack and align five sheets of the 5 x 5 tissue paper; if using two different colors be sure to alternate (color one, then color 2 and so on)

Accordion fold the sheets of tissue paper then fold in half (lengthwise)

Cut a 3.5 inch piece of floral wire then fold in half

Slide the tissue paper in between the floral wire at the half-point (along the divide), then twist floral wire closed

Gently unfold the tissue paper one layer at a time until you have a complete blossom

Insert the flower wire end into the Styrofoam ball

  Repeat until you have a completed pomander (18 flowers can make one pomander)

 9 completed pomanders in various colors

Insert one end of the dowel into the Styrofoam ball

Mount inside a flower pot (you can use Styrofoam or craft adhesive)

Add paper shreds and candy; accent with stickers, ribbon, fabric, or other craft items. 
Accent tables or hang as you please! Just remember to add your own personal flare!

Dressed to impress in my nerd gear, organizing party set up!


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