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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
I plan more than just parties and social events and to prove it I took on a project with Drew Agency and Film Majors.  Film Majors creates and delivers commercials, infomercials, music videos, product placement strategies and branded content.  I recently worked with the agency over the course of a year, assisting with the production and filming of a television pilot.

I was initially brought on board as a writer for the series (writer is one of the many other hats I enjoy wearing).  Afterwards, I was asked to stay involved as a member of the production team using my planning and coordination skills. My primary role for my time on staff was line producer.  As a line producer I was responsible for:  
  • Budget tracking
  • Assisting with casting and crew hiring process (talent procurement)
  • Coordinating with vendors and support staff (makeup, wardrobe, stylists)
  • Establishing film & actor scheduling (shoot schedules, table reads, shot lists, etc)
  • Procurement of venues,  equipment, and props
  • Communicating with actors, extras, and staff
  • Handling staff payments, paperwork, and contracts
  • Organizing agency meetings and agendas

Along the way I also helped with sound production, social media, promotion, and anything else they could think up!  I was able to be on board for the filming of two episodes, which was amazing.  I learned so much and had a blast! The cast, crew, and writers were all incredible to work with and I’m sure they are destined for greatness!

Play Miniseries Promo Full Cast
Promo photo of the cast

Play Onset group shot of crew and extras
Me along with Extras and Crew (post scene)

Play Filming Scene at MidCity Cafe with 3 actors
Filming a scene at MidCity Cafe

Play promo photo 5 cast members with Director
Play promo photo cast and director

Play two cast members filming onset
Play filming a scene onset


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