Engagement News: ME!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
I just wanted to share with the world that my boyfriend Brett has officially pulled me off the market!  I got engaged!!!!  In one of my Christmas presents this year was a very special jewelry box, with a very special ring, from a very special guy!

Our story isn’t simple but the cliff’s notes version is we met a few years ago (circa 2008) at a birthday party for a mutual friend we didn’t know we had.  Our meet-cute involved a restaurant and me butting into his conversation and offering my two cents (without being asked).  What started as a conversation interject turned into 2 hours of intense discussion that is still going today! We had our bumps in the road and even parted ways temporarily (The Break-Up 2011 edition) to work on our own passion projects and life challenges, but eventually we ended up back together where we belong.

As we start this new chapter in our story, I’m excited for what the future holds!  Now I get to plan my own wedding and not just other people’s; an escapade that should prove to be something out of a romantic comedy if nothing else!!!  I’m thinking of the Five Year Engagement as a point of reference.

I love you Brett!
Movie Poster Credit: Fandango.com 


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