Hug a Florist

Sunday, December 16, 2012
This weekend I worked on a floral project with my occasional partner in planning crime!  We were hired to create floral arrangements and bouquets for a dance recital at a local private school!  With hundreds of flowers from our favorite vendor, Cut Flower Wholesale and the hands God gave us, we went to work. 

90 bouquets, one large centerpiece, and 28 hours later we finished the job and delivered the goods with great results!

In the end my sore hands, stiff back, and cold nose gave me new respect for florist and the beautiful artistry they provide. I’m not a florist; I just played one for the day! However, I do encourage you to hug the next florist you meet! Their work is hard and they deserve some praise!

hydrangeas, roses, brunia, and other flowers table centerpiece
Large Centerpiece for recital hall entrance

Rose bouquets in buckets
90 bouquets prepped and ready to go for performers and teachers


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